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1. Keyword Research

To find and determine the best Japanese keywords for the website, based on our market research.

As we are physically based in Japan, we use various Japanese local tools as well as international tools such as Google's.

2. Internal SEO

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Local website development

Develop web pages in Japanese to meet the local standard of Yahoo Japan and Google.

Internal Improvement

For an existing Japanese website, we make 20+ page report of the analysis of the website and professional advice for improvement to meet the latest SEO standard in Japan.

Content Writing

We write the content for your website in Japanese. The content is written by professional Japanese writers and double checked by a Japanese speaker.

Translation / Verification

We translate your English page into Japanese. Also, proof reading is available for your Japanese website.

3. External SEO

Link Building

We build and maintain new links from fine English/Japanese website.

4. SNS Marketing

  • Facebook page in Japanese.
  • Facebook page update (1-7 posts / week)
  • LINE marketing
  • Local information sites, etc.

5. Advertisement

  • Google Adwords
  • Yahoo Japan Ads
  • Facebook Ads

We research and suggest the best advertisement solution for your Japanese marketing, then place and manage the advertisement continuously. A monthly report is submitted.


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